Dos and donts spring break

Dos and Donts for your Spring Break in Jamaica

Deciding to take your Spring Break in Jamaica could be the start of a holiday of a lifetime, but there are some things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you stay safe but still have a great time.

DO make sure that your parents know where youre going to be staying, who you are traveling with, have contact information and a rough idea of what youll be doing there especially any places you intend to visit. You should also make sure that you give your home contact information (such as parents names, address and phone numbers) to at least 2 of the people you are traveling with in case they need to be contacted.

DONT accept/buy/take drugs Jamaica may be a place where you can freely find them, but its not a good idea. Really! As accessible as they are, they are also illegal and the last place you want to spend your Spring Break is a local Jamaican police cell!

DO listen to any personal safety advice thats given. They are talking to you! Just because youre young and only there to have a great fun doesnt make you immune to the darker side of Jamaica. The advice may sound as if its your parents speaking, but its not just for your benefit crimes against tourists affect the local economy so the hotel has reasons for keeping you safe!

DONT take any expensive jewelry. Youre probably going to spend most of your time in the water, on the beach or partying anyway so you dont need it! If you dont take it, you cant lose it or have it stolen!

DO follow any safety guidance given by activity instructors. If you later take part in the same activity without an instructor, remember the safety warnings and make sure you have the right equipment.

DONT go out on your own at night if youre female! Jamaica is a beautiful country, but its a culture is very much male dominated with women being of little value. Enter any relationships with male locals with caution!

DO have a great time! This could be a once in a lifetime vacation that youll remember for years to come. Jamaica is an island paradise, a place where most people will only dream of visiting so get the most of out it dont spend the entire vacation on the beach!

The safety advice may sound a little dramatic, but think about it its not so very different to what non-US people are told when they are planning a visit to New York City! Most of it is common sense. Dont get too confident about your safety, listen to the hotels advice, and youll have a wonderful experience but still get home in the same condition you left!


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