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Homeowners Insurance: Beyond the Home

Most people buy an insurance product - whether it is a homeowners insurance or another - without reflecting much over what they actually are buying. One thing is the premium or the price you pay for it. This is the single issue or part of the insurance purchase that seem to concern most people. When it comes to other elements of the insurance product they buy, their concerns are almost absent. Most people seem to take for granted that what the insurance you buy is the same, no matter which insurance company you buy it from. This attitude is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what an insurance product is and how the insurance industry is functioning.

Of course it is important not to pay more for an insurance product than necessary as it is for any product. But sometimes we are unaware of what coverages we have with our homeowners insurance until we file a claim and find out too late that we weren't covered for a particular loss. Owners of motorcycles, boats and motorhomes may be surprised to learn that neither their homeowners insurance nor their auto insurance covers them for any loss associated with these items.

Non-traditional (or inland marine as some policies are called) insurance is a custom sector of insurance dealing with properties and items that would not traditionally fall under a typical property or automobile insurance. Such items include boats, snowmobiles, ATV's and person watercraft. You may find that your current insurance company does not even write policies for these types of goods, in which case you will need to check out a specialty insurance company.

Foremost Insurance of Caledonia, Michigan is just such an insurer. Insuring everything from motor homes to motorcycles Foremost offers a wide variety of policies that protect non-traditional goods that homeowners policies simply don't cover. With agents across the United States, Foremost is a leader in issuing policies that cover losses against such goods. Foremost is part of Farmers Insurance Group, a trusted name in both homeowners and auto insurance throughout the U.S.

Accidents happen no matter if we are in our home, car or riding our ATV. By making sure you are covered you can prevent a small accident from becoming a financial nightmare by making sure you have the correct insurance coverage no matter what you might own.


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