Don t get caught by a phishing scheme

Don't Get Caught by a Phishing Scheme

Do you know what phishing is? Do you know how to prevent it from happening to you? Explore this article on how to identify a phishing scheme and how to protect yourself.

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You receive an email from your bank warning you that your account information needs to be updated urgently or else it will be suspended. In a panic, you click on the link in the email and are brought to your bank's web site. Without giving it a second thought, you enter your user name and password to access your account online. In that moment, you have just handed an unknown criminal the keys to your banking account. You've been the victim of a phishing1 scheme.

Phishing has become one of the most common methods of electronically stealing people's identities. During the period between May 2004 and May 2005, over 1.2 million individuals were victims of these attacks and have lost approximately $929 million. Clearly, phishing is a big problem, but the question is how can you protect yourself from being reeled in?

One way is to increase your suspicion. The emails and web sites used in these phishing schemes are often remarkably accurate in appearance and tone to the real thing. That can make it di


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