Dominating video marketing spinner format

Video marketing is {the next big thing online|a big thing online|{very|extremely|incredibly|exceptionally|exceedingly|fantastically|enormously|extraordinarily} popular online}. {It is underused by many marketers and {fantastically|very|extremely} profitable for those that do use it|{The|Those} few marketers that use it are earning {fantastic|big} profits from it|Whilst {the majority|most|in the main} {aren't|are not} using it, the few who are earn well from it|Most marketers {aren't|are not} using it {to its full potential|fully} and so are {potentially losing money|are not maximizing their earnings|leaving money on the table}.

{Many|Most|A lot} marketers {{don't|do not} use|{are not|aren't} using} video marketing {simply|just|only|purely} because they don't know {how to get started on it|where to get started with it|how to get started|how to {start|begin} making videos}. {It {isn't|is not} actually that {difficult|hard|tricky|complicated|complex} and you will find it {surprisingly|shockingly|startlingly|remarkably} {easy|simple|straightforward|uncomplicated} when you do use it|It {isn't|is not} too {difficult|hard|tricky|complicated|complex} to do and you will start to find {easy|simple|straightforward|uncomplicated}|As you get {used to|the hang of} it, you will find it {surprisingly|shockingly|startlingly|remarkably} {easy|simple|straightforward|uncomplicated} to do}.

{Videos can very easily go viral and you will find yourself getting {a lot of|lots of|plenty|a vast amount|hordes of} traffic from them|Videos can go viral and bring in {a lot of|lots of|plenty|a vast amount|hordes of} traffic|You can get {a lot of|lots of|plenty|a vast amount|hordes of} traffic if your videos go viral}. {Plus, the search engines love video because it is very popular at {at the moment|currently|presently|at the present moment}|The search engines are {having a love affair|in love with|much in love with|very much in love with} with video at {at the moment|currently|presently|at the present moment}|Video is very much {in|the in thing} with the search engines {at the moment|currently|presently|at the present moment}}. {You can often see {a selection of|some|a number of|a few|one or two|some} videos in the top {five|5} ranking for {any search term|most search terms} in Google|{Any search|Most searches} will {usually|frequently|regularly|often|typically|more often than not|generally} return {a

{Creating the videos doesn't have to be difficult|Creating a video {is not|isn't|} {that|really|very} {hard|difficult|tricky|complex}|It {is not|isn't} {that|really|very} {hard|difficult|tricky|complex} to {put together|create} a video}. {You can create a live action video using your mobile phone or digital camera, or if you live in the dark ages, a webcam|Live action videos can be created from a webcam, digital camera, video camera or even your mobile phone|You can create live action videos from anything, including your mobile phone}.

{{Using|With|By means of} {a tool|software} such as {Camtasia|Camstudio|Camtasia or Camstudio} you can|{A tool|Software} such as {Camtasia|Camstudio|Camtasia or Camstudio} {allows|enables|permits} you to} capture the screen {and|to|in order to} demonstrate {some software or a website|software or a website|a piece of software|a website|something on the computer|how to use some software or a website}. {These are very effective videos|This type of video is very effective|You'll find this type of video very effective|These types of video are very effective} {because|as|since|for the reason that} people can see {what they are buying or what they need to do|the end result of their purchase}.

{Promotional videos can be created by|You can create promotional videos {with|using}|You can easily create promotional videos {with|using}|You can create simple videos {with|using}|Simple videos can be created {with|using}} Windows Movie Maker, which {is installed on|comes free with|comes with|is a part of|is a component of} most Windows XP and {above|newer} computers or {on|using|with} a website such as Jing or Animoto. {These websites {create|make|record} some {fantastic|excellent|great} videos which you can use as adverts|You can {quickly|rapidly|swiftly} {create|make|record} some {fantastic|excellent|great} videos to use as adverts}.

{Your video needs to be concise, to the point and entertaining|Your video {shouldn't|should not} be {too|overly|excessively|very} long and {must|should|ought to} be entertaining|Your video must be something people will {want to watch|enjoy|look forward to watching}}. {You want your viewers to see your video and be {captured|engaged|entranced} and want to {{know|find out} more|get {more|additional|extra|further} information}|You want to {capture|engage|entrance} your viewers so that they want to know more|You want your viewers to be {captured|engaged|entranced} so they want to {{know|find out} more|get {more|additional|extra|further} information}}.

{{Prior to|Before} you submitting your video, you need to know which keywords to use as tags|You must know your {tags|keywords} {prior to|before} submitting your video}. {This {means doing|requires|calls for} some keyword research|This {requires|calls for|needs you to do|means you have to do} some keyword research}. {The Google External Keyword Tool will tell you everything you need to know, or you can use your own favorite {tool|keyword research}|You can either use the Google External Keyword Tool or any other {tool|keyword research} of your choice|You can use any {tool|keyword research} to do this, though many favor the Google External Keyword Tool|The Google External Keyword Tool is favored by many people, but you can use any {tool you want|keyword research tool}}.

{You {could|can|may|might|may well} manually submit your video to various video directories, but this takes a lot of time|Manual submission of your videos will {take a lot of|take up a lot of|consume a lot of|require a lot of} your {valuable|precious} time|Manual submission of your videos will {take a lot of|take up a lot of|consume a lot of|require a lot of} your time|It will {take a lot of|take up a lot of|consume a lot of|require a lot of} time to manually submit your videos to {the|all of the|the many} directories}. {You could outsource {it|the work|the submissions|the process}, which will get {expensive|costly|pricey}, or you could use a tool to {do it|automate it|do it for you}|It can be outsourced, which will {cost you|come at a price|cost you some money}, or you could use a tool to {do it|automate it|do it for you}|You can use a tool to {do it|automate it|do it for you} or outsource it {for a price|at a cost|for a fee|for a cost|at a price}}. {Alternatively, you can use the TubeMogul website, whi

{This {allows you to submit|submits} your video articles to {a {handful|number} of|some} video directories automatically|This automatically submits your video articles to {a {handful|number} of|some} video directories |This provides an automatic submission of your video articles to {a {handful|number} of|some} video directories }. {Once|When} you have produced {some|a number of} videos and {are established|have established yourself} on their site you {can increase the number of video directories|are able to add {some more|additional|extra|further} video directories|are able to apply to submit to {more|additional|extra|further} video directories}.

{Once the videos are approved (and some sites will turn them down) you can then sit back and watch your videos spread all over the Internet|The videos that are accepted will {begin|start} to {be distributed|spread|be syndicated} all {across|over|throughout}the InternetThose videos that are accepted into the directories will {be distributed|spread|be syndicated} all {across|over|throughout}the Internet|Some of your videos will be turned down, but those that are accepted will {be distributed|spread|be syndicated} all {across|over|throughout} the Internet|}. {They will be picked up by websites and other directories that feed off these main sites, giving you more of an audience|The websites which {pull|get|receive} their content from the video directories will also {display|pick up} your video|Your video will be picked up by {any number of|the {numerous|many|large amount of}} websites which get content from the video directories|}.

{Set up a Google Alert for your video name and you will be {surprised|astonished} to see how far a single video will get you|A Google Alert will show you how far your video gets distributed|You will be {surprised|astonished} to see how many sites will display your video and can {watch|monitor|keep an eye on|observe} this with a Google Alert|A Goolge Alert will {enable|let|allow} you to {watch|monitor|keep an eye on|observe|see} just how many sites {display|play|pick up} your video}. {So long as you have put your URL in the description and in the video itself, then you will get {a {good|decent} amount of|some|an amount of} traffic from this|With your URL in the description and video you will get traffic from it|If you put your URL in the video itself as well as the description then you will {get|receive} traffic from it|You will get traffic from your URL being in the description and the video itself}.

Video marketing is {emerging as|proving to be|proving itself to be|appearing to be|seeming to be} {a very|an extremely} {powerful and effective|effective|powerful} {method|way|technique} of {getting traffic|generating traffic|traffic generation|getting traffic to your website|generating traffic to your website}. {It is still underused and a method that you can start to use to further {boost|increase|enhance|improve} your sites in the search engines|It is an underused {method|technique|strategy|way|approach} that you can use to {boost|increase|enhance|improve} your rankings in the search engines}.


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