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Domain Name Promotion And Web Site Design/SEO


If you do not have one million dollars in your pocket, you might find reading what I have to say worth a moment of your time.

Ive bought my Domain Name. Now What?

First a transfer of Domain into your free account takes place on sellers end at no cost, money, time or frustration to you.

After a successful transfer (usually 12 to 24 hours) it will be up to the new owner of Domain to set the DNS (Domain Name Servers). This process usually takes less than five minutes a...

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If you do not have one million dollars in your pocket, you might find reading what I have to say worth a moment of your time.

Ive bought my Domain Name. Now What?

First a transfer of Domain into your free account takes place on sellers end at no cost, money, time or frustration to you.

After a successful transfer (usually 12 to 24 hours) it will be up to the new owner of Domain to set the DNS (Domain Name Servers). This process usually takes less than five minutes and if purchased from Ill be happy to help buyer with DNS or anything else for a smooth installing of a new Domain Name.

The obviously next step after purchasing a Domain Name is to build a web site for your new Domain. Easier said than done? Maybe so, but Im about to give to you a little of my experience to iron out any bumps on this road ahead of you to web design/development. In fact, if you will take the time to carefully review the steps below you will find earnings far greater than a miserly one million dollars and this I personally Guarantee!

The Art of Web Design

There are two rules that you absolutely must strictly adhere to for success with your new web site:

1. You must have an idea for your new web site from the ground up. This means from the beginning while sitting directly in front of a blank Notepad screen, to the successful completion.

2. You must enjoy the topic of your new web site to the point of money having absolutely no bearing on the intensity of your passion for that topic.

So you dont have the foggiest idea for your new web site? Not a problem in the least, please allow me to share a piece of my experience to guide you to conquering rule #1.

Being brand new to the Internet I did not have a clue what the difference was between HTML and a web site was. Source Code? Are you kidding me?? And yet, from scratch I built not one, but three huge multi-page web sites that I am positive could have sold from anywhere between $500 and $3000! Total cost: $100 per site. Of course, not having the foggiest idea what SEO meant all three web sites flopped. Domains expired and those web sites floated off into cyberspace..

Ill get to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in just a moment, but first for those that dont have an idea to pursue for web site design please allow me to share the two simple steps to a potential $3000 web site for your chosen topic/passion. And at a cost of no more than $100 for your new web site.

1. Go to .

2. Scroll through all projects listed. (I have no affiliation with scriptlance, merely sharing my experience to help others succeed).

To steal anothers idea is not only ridiculous but also will put one on a path to collapse. But what can be done for those with no idea for a profitable web site is to closely glance through all projects requesting assistance to find a web site to mold around whatever ideas might come to mind. After the merging of your idea into a potential web site possibly found on scriptlance or anywhere else, a Free account must be opened to place your idea in the hands of a designer/developer.

Are you still with me? If so, it is important to realize that most designers on Scriptlance are from overseas living in third world countries. The importance of keeping this in mind is due to the fact that the US dollar has a completely different value in other countries. How much does the common laborer in China make? $0.70 per day? Ive worked with the Russians, the Romainians and Indians and call tell you those Ive worked with speak better English than me! Communication is not an issue and the value of money takes on a whole new meaning.

(Should I condense this into a cheap free e-book? Maybe so. But hold on, the best part is yet to come!)

If you are interested in success with your new web site, please believe me when I say utilizing Scriptlance will be a mind blowing, mind boggling, and an absolutely wonderful pleasant and enlightening experience!

Before I go any further, there is one web site/school that is an absolute must for web site design/ownership. Memorizing tons and tons of code is just plain stupid! In fact IMOH I really dont believe all those HTML codes even can be memorized! But in order to explain to web designers (those that fix your site when down) problems you may be having, a basic understanding of HTML code truly is necessary. For this education in HTML, please head over to . A Free internet school to help you understand the basics of HTML code which will prove to be invaluable if you are to own/run a new web site.

Okay, so now I have my Domain Name, and my web site. Can you promise me at least one hundred thousand visitors to my web site daily? Im glad you asked. Because the answer to that question is a big fat NO. Why? Because Im about to give to you directions to bringing far more than merely a hundred thousand daily. For those that have taken the time to read though my words of wisdom Im about to give absolutely free of charge 100+ steps to an unlimited amount of visitors (REPEAT VISITORS) with the potential for an unlimited amount of earned income!

I would find it difficult to believe that anyone can start at step one and move beyond step ten. But the good thing about this list is the ability to pick and choose those steps your feel up to implementing.

I talk too much dont I? Suppose so, so here ya go:

  1. Submit articles to article directories.

  2. Conduct link exchange activity with other blogs and websites.

  3. Run a teleseminar.

  4. Be a contributor on Yahoo/MSN Answers

  5. Create a blog and join

  6. Create a account and make friends with your target market.

  7. Create a viral report with links coming back to your website.

  8. Generate a software product that you distribute free but advertise your website in it.

  9. Build an article directory for a hot niche market

  10. Produce a useful web-based software for public use

  11. Ask thought-provoking questions

  12. Build viral videos and upload them to

  13. Buy links from

  14. Submit classified ads to

  15. Publish content based on the latest news or unique items to tap on long tail traffic

  16. Optimize your webpages for meta tags, title tags and H1 tags

  17. Run online contests with kick-ass prizes

  18. Run article exchange campaigns with HTML links in them

  19. Generate your own social networking site

  20. Produce an unbelievable product and sell it on

  21. Auction off cheap digital items on eBay

  22. Write articles for major sites like

  23. Create a regular PDF newsletter

  24. Talk to 5 people every day about one piece of content on your site

  25. Visit online guest books and leave a comment

  26. Visit other blogs and contribute actively on a regular basis

  27. Use banner advertising on banner exchange programs like

  28. Seek out joint venture partners to promote your site/event

  29. Purchase leads from a co-registration service

  30. Write an offline book

  31. Distribute flyers

  32. Sponsor an event with prizes that have your website on it

  33. Run a charity event

  34. Submit a press release to

  35. Use resell rights promotions

  36. Produce a web or blog template using Open Source license

  37. Create a community with a community badge/chicklet for identity

  38. Look for newsworthy information and syndicate to

  39. Use your MSN nickname/message

  40. Provide a free download on your site with a message on the back of your business card

  41. Leave an email signature

  42. Have a tell-a-friend form

  43. Newspaper advertismenets

  44. Direct response mail

  45. Regular podcasts

  46. Run a live seminar

  47. Create an affiliate program

  48. Get invited to events

  49. Run a 24-hour answering service

  50. Give people the right to syndicate your content

  51. Keep your content fresh

  52. Create multiple offers

  53. Use ping sites for your blog

  54. Use article submission services like to create backlinks

  55. Give a DVD out for free that requires opt-insk

  56. Car decals with your website on it

  57. Generate a member-get-member promotion

  58. Offer a 50% sale for products on your site

  59. Create an online community of friends

  60. Invite 10 people to visit your site on a regular basis

  61. Print t-shirts with your URL

  62. Advertise in trade magazines

  63. Advertise in the main newspapers

  64. Radio interviews

  65. TV interviews

  66. TV advertisements

  67. Use Google Adwords

  68. Use MSN Adcenter

  69. Use Yahoo Search Marketing

  70. Use Adbrite

  71. Getresponse Co-registration service

  72. Optimize your website for a specific, targeted key phrase

  73. Use to get bloggers to write about your site

  74. Run a Web 2.0 community

  75. Advertise in the Yellow Pages

  76. Directory submissions

  77. Affiliate directory submissions

  78. Direct email campaigns with list owners

  79. Use direct response postcards

  80. Build a free software directory

  81. Build a free image directory

  82. Offer a bonus product during a product launch to JV partners

  83. Use well-optimized websites and content

  84. Bait providers to visit your website through and

  85. Purchase outdoor advertising space at targeted locations

  86. Create an Opt-in mailing list

  87. Visit and participate in forums related to your niche.

  88. Build more backlinks for popular keywords

  89. Narrow your market to a specific niche

  90. Build more websites within related niches

  91. Attend more seminars to gain connections

  92. Use a Feed Reader to subscribe to RSS feeds - comment on targeted posts

  93. Have multiple distribution locations for a physical product

  94. Create your own products and let affiliates sell them

  95. Blog controversially

  96. Deliberately start an online war (flaming - not recommended)

  97. Look for related websites in #1 position and buy advertising space from them

  98. Set up account with

  99. Set up account with

  100. Set up account with

  101. Set up account with

  102. Set up account with

  103. Do a giveaway rights promotion

  104. Build a presence on 43 things

  105. Create an affiliate promotion with Clickbank

  106. Run a Cost-Per-Lead program

  107. Find a Cause to support and promote the cause

  108. Get people involved in your community

  109. Use a tell-a-friend script and place this automatically with people have opted-in

  110. Run a blog carnival

  111. Use games to tag people

  112. Encourage article exchanges

  113. Request people to submit articles that you will display on your blog for free

  114. Build a free online widget that people will use

  115. Join discussion groups on Google, Yahoo or MySpace groups

  116. Advertise on

  117. Use Global SMS service

  118. Leverage

Was this list enough to make you dizzy? If this information is not worth a million dollars then I dont know what is!

Have a Great and Wonderful and Spectacular Day! And remember if any help is needed with DNS or Site Design or anything else please check out my Links page or feel free to email me.


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