Baby box office

Every weekend in America movies are rated by the millions of dollars they bring into the box office. Even with the high costs of tickets, 31 millions dollars is a lot of people in the seats. We are a movie culture.

Many people thirty and over remember the very first movie they saw. Children of the next generation aren't as likely to remember that first one though, because they will see it when they were babies.

DVDs for babies seems like a silly idea, but researchers are discovering the added color, movement, lights and sounds introduced to a baby's environment can actually have very positive effects of neurological development. Plug in and watch your child learn and grow.

Make A Genius

For decades it was thought that some kids were born geniuses and some kids weren't. You either came out of the womb as Einstein or as Joe. With vast improvements in understand both babies and intelligence, researchers now know that many children can attain a high IQ and ability simply by the learning and experiences they develop in their primary years.

To further that, the Disney Company has come out with a line of videos and products called Baby Einstein. The Baby Einstein DVDs feature music, sounds, nature, and babies as they explore things like a child's first movements, and sound recognition. Encouraging babies to clap, jump and move help begin the kinesthetic process at a very young age. It doesn't mean your child will do quantum mechanics at 4, but it will add a set of experiences and abilities to their repertoire.

Be Global

With the globalization of both business and education the more languages any person speaks the better off they are. Many schools are developing dual language programs where children can learn in two languages at the same time to make them more fluent in the global village. When is the best time to learn a second language? When you are learning the first one.

The website features a full line of DVDs for babies that teach language acquisition. Among the languages represented are American Sign Language, Italian, French and Spanish. Using songs and visual word associations these DVDs help a child and the parents learn together.

Speak Local

Language is made of words and the key to development for babies along with the physical abilities is vocabulary development. DVDs have been show to highly improve a baby's ability to form and speak words early. Bee Smart Baby is a DVD vocabulary builder that teaches words with music, games, visuals and repetition.

A testimonial on the website claims their baby had learned 10 words by nine months of age. By using the DVD along with the constant communication parents have with children, new words (that a parent might not think to teach) can be added to the child's vocabulary.

None of these DVDs are ever going to win an Academy Award, but it does appear that the movies, our tried and trusted escape, may actually be helping our children after all.



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