Baby boomers pain oakville ontario

baby boomers pain oakville ontario

The Happiness and Pain Women Baby Boomers Bear in Oakville, Ontario

Baby boomers are found not only in the US but also in other countries. One thing they all have in common is that they are all in their aging years. The baby boomers living in Oakville, Ontario is experiencing the harsh realities of aging life like other baby boomers.

Women baby boomers having a career of their own will not likely retire even after they reach that certain age while a minority of them will continue to struggle with a difficult life.

Professional baby boomers that have children often travel less and their working hours are rather short. Some of them frequently change jobs while others take a flexible staff position to cope up with their responsibilities as a mother. Their attention is focused to their families, friends, and in helping other people. They have very little time to care for themselves.

According to statistics, women live longer. And since they have a longer life span, they will eventually outlive their resources and savings. Now that they are nearing their retirement age, they are looking for ways to plan for their insurance and other matters pertaining to their health.

While professional baby boomers are like this, the minority of women boomers are struggling with their way of life. They selflessly cared for their parents and their children, and they can't retire now. Most of them live below what many people call the 'poverty line'. They experience poorer health and financial insecurity, and in their remaining years, the usual safety nets provided by the government will be more limited than today.

Boomer women can't have secured retirements and this is due to factors associated with social, demographic, political, cultural, and economic aspects. Most of the private and public sector policies are gender-biased, which means that most policies are in favor of men, so they will likely have uncertain employment, health care, financial, retirement benefits, and housing benefits.

As boomer women age, their needs should be recognized. Both the policies in the private and public sectors must be restructured to reflect family structure changes and accommodate single parent's needs. It's now time to eliminate gender/age discrimination; after all, boomers want to enforce changes anywhere they go.

While some women boomers are problematic with the aging process, there are also carefree individuals. Most boomers want to look their best, and since they are now aging, they want to look younger. Some of them even go to the extent of dyeing or coloring their hair. Now that their in their 60s, more gray hair is surfacing. Around 7% of baby boomers are using hair color to prevent gray hair from appearing. They do it at home by themselves but there are also those who prefer salons. Time will come when they will give up hair coloring just like other old individuals, they will soon realize that they can't combat with time.

Aging or not, women baby boomers have a great influence in making purchases of any product or service. Here are great marketing tips for boomer women:

-     boomers have discretionary incomes but they are more worried with financial health
-     boomer women will not inherit any wealth, the average boomer woman will only get 25-50K
-     many boomers are member of AARP
-     boomers don't really prefer certain brand names
-     aging women boomers spend more on computers, perfumes, watches, jewelry, luxury autos, and home improvement
-     middle-aged boomers have more parents than kids
-     most boomers are now grandparents
-     most women boomers think that they are smarter than salespeople

Even though most women baby boomers are now 'aging', they still have a great impact in the society. They made a boom that was heard by the whole world when they were born. And now, they are again creating a boom; they are still making a significant change in the aging population. They are different indeed, from the past and future generations.

And even if they outlive their life expectancy, they will leave a mark in Oakville and the rest of the world that will be recognized by the coming generations. And they will continue to live through the memories they have left behind.



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