Audi tt tourist trophy

Audi TT: Tourist Trophy

Audi's popular little coupe/roadster is poised to grow up when the next generation of the TT is released in 2007. See what Audi has in store for its tourist trophy.

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Audi broke the mold when its concept TT car was presented at auto shows around the globe during the mid1990s. Named for the prestigious annual Tourist Trophy race held on the Isle of Man, the TT is based on the same platform which powers the Volkswagen Golf and the Skoda Octavia. Making use of anodized aluminum and a bumper free exterior, the TT coupe was unlike any car of its time when the first production model was released in 1998. Today, the TT continues to garner awards and win praises from Audi aficionados. If you like the current model, just wait one year and you will witness the release of a TT that goes well beyond the pale.

When talking about the TT, there are actually two models involved: one being a coupe, the other a roadster. Shortly after the coupes introduction in 1998, the roadster version was released the following summer. Both models were originally powered by a 20 valve inline 1.8L four cylinder engine, however in subsequent years each model received a more powerful version of tha


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