Audi a8 mercedes bmw beware

Audi A8: Mercedes, BMW Beware!

Audi's A8 is a technological and engineering model. While BMW and Mercedes may boast more sales, the A8 is truly a cutting luxury car in a sea of German exports.

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When you think of German automotive excellence, Mercedes and BMW are two brands that easily come to mind. Audi, too, has been making a name for itself and is poised to cause a lot of trouble for its Bavarian cousins with its current line of cars and planned models. The cream of the crop Audi is the A8, a true champion and a terrific alternative to BMW and Mercedes. Lets take a closer look at Audis top-of-the-line sedan and what it has to offer to you, the European sedan enthusiast.

Back in 1994 Audi decided to take on Mercedes and BMW by introducing an all new car the full size Audi A8. As the first car built on an entirely aluminum platform [for weight savings optimization] the Audi A8 has been constantly redefining the german luxury car market ever since. Way back in 1997, the Audi A8 became the first car in the world to offer six air bags. Later, more powerful diesel and gasoline powered engines were introduced to further separate the


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