Discover why you may be causing your cats hair loss

Discover Why You May Be Causing Your Cats Hair Loss

Did you know your cats hair loss can be caused by you? "Wait!" You cry. "I wouldn't hurt a hair on my beloved felines head." Many of you reading this article would say the same thing. But, the fact is the loss of your favorite pet's hair may be your fault. This article will discuss some of the reasons why and the ways you can help your kitty.

For the purpose of this article lets name the pet we are going to be talking about, Roscoe. Now Roscoe is your typical independent, lazy male cat and feels he is the "King" of your home. Which means he pretty well does what he wants to in your home, right? However, chances are that may not be the healthiest thing for Roscoe.

As you have discovered through the years "Ol" Roscoe can be a pretty finicky eater. So to try and please his "Majesty" you have tried one cat food after another. You have tried him on the most expensive canned filet of salmon, to your favorite


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