Discover the truth about your cats nine lives

Discover The Truth About Your Cats Nine Lives

Do you have a cat with a cats nine lives? Most of us would probably think it just means a cat is so lucky it gets the equivalent of 9 lives because it can escape situations so well. But, if you think about it, you might wonder, where exactly does it come from, and what exactly does it mean? This article will explore the truth about a cats nine lives.

The says a cats nine lives refers to someone, whether it be cat or human getting so many chances to change things in their lives. When taking a look at Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable you will see that the term comes from cats being more tenacious than most animals.

Some people believe that a cats nine lives comes all the way from Egypt, where cats were once highly appreciated animals. If you consider for a moment the number 9, it is a triplet of the number 3, meaning a trinity, therefore 9 lives means 3 times the luck of the number 3 which is lucky in and of it self.

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