Discover the truth about lower left back pain

Discover The Truth About Lower Left Back Pain

Many people immediately associate lower left back pain with any muscle strains or injuries to the area. With how common muscle injuries are to the lower back, it's no wonder that that's everyone first assumption. The problem is, not all lower back pain is caused by muscle sprains or strains. It can be dangerous and even downright deadly to immediately assume that's the cause and not seek treatment right away.

Most lower back pain associated in the center of a person's lower back is probably caused by some sort of strain or inflammation in the area. If you're having lower left back pain, or even lower right back pain, you seriously need to sit up and take notice. Don't dismiss it as having slept oddly the night before or being a little stiff after sitting at your desk at work all day.

Back pain that's located more on one side over the other could signal a potentially life threatening situation known as a kidney infection. Chances are, by the time so


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