Discover the alternative asthma treatment. is there such a thing

Discover the alternative asthma treatment. Is there such a thing?

Article about alternative asthma treatment.

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Lets a have closer look at these pharmaceutical companies. Do they exist for our benefit or theirs?

Drug wars and alternative asthma treatment.

What did people do before the advent of global pharmaceutical companies? It's amazing anyone survived at all. But survive they did. Now I'm not one who usually goes in for conspiracy theories, but I have to say there is something extremely fishy about the drug industry. Are they really researching and developing new drugs for our benefit or theirs?

What place do governments have in the drug market? Pharmaceutical companies actively work on new drugs to relieve the symptoms of illness, but what are they doing to actually cure them? I have a sneaky suspicion that they want to keep us all ill, keep us all drugged up to the eyeballs and keep us all coming back to buy more.

Would it be the billion dollar industry it is otherwise? If you have asthma, you buy the drugs and try not to add up how much it is costing you each and every month. Sadly, there is no alterna


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