Are you a rhino or a cow

Are you a Rhino or a Cow?


Success is achieved in very different ways.

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There are different types of people in the world. Thank goodness we are not all alike. That would definitely be boring. Some people are happy with a job with a good company for many years, then retiring, others dont want to keep the same job for too long and keep looking for something better, and still others want to work for themselves.

I read a great book one time called Rhinoceros Success. Actually it was the first of a three part series of books by Scott Alexander. In the book he described people and the hunt for success in a very unique way. Ill give you a taste of what he tried to put across in his books.

There have been a lot of books written about how to sell, how to succeed in business, and other similar titles. Many of them give complicated formulas for success. In Scotts books, he broke it down really simple.

He said, there are two types of people in the world, rhinos and cows. There are happy and sad rhinos and there are happy and sad cows.

Lets start with the sad rhino. You all know a


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