Are you playing checkers or chess

Are You Playing Checkers or Chess?

When you think about how to attract more clients for your professional services, are you playing checkers or chess?

You're playing checkers when you...

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* Attend a networking event and expect it to generate business

* Invest thousands of dollars in direct mail and expect prospects to eagerly call about your services

* Treat your vendors poorly by not paying them on time or not communicating with them in a timely manner

* Misunderstand the differences between advertising, PR, and promotion - and what they can and cannot do for your professional service firm

* Underestimate how important it is for your to address your clients' PERCEIVED need (i.e., what THEY think they need) vs. what you know they need

You're playing chess when you...

* Understand that there are right clients and wrong clients for your firm, based on where you want your firm to be in one year, two years, five years - and that your definition of "right" will change over time

* Consider what the right kinds of clients look like for your firm and then carefully develop a roadmap for all marketing activities that align with your definition of "right"

* Use a combinati


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