Are you living beyond your means

Are You Living Beyond Your Means?

Do you find that keeping control of your finances is becoming increasingly difficult?

In todays society, advertisements bombard us with offers which encourage us to Spend! Spend! Spend! With promises such as-

Easy Credit!

Pre-approved loans!
3 years interest-free credit!
Free gift when you apply!

To most people this can all seem rather tempting, given the current live for today attitude. But too much can be spent on luxuries, leaving not enough to pay the bills.

Certain kinds of debt may be appropriate, such as a mortgage or a car. Many people, however, try to buy more than they can afford. Indeed, banks and businesses encourage us to do so.

Credit cards can be too easy to obtain yet too difficult to maintain, especially when people find themselves borrowing from one card to pay off another.

Credit may even be advertised as free but we still have to pay in the end.
Many families can loose up to 1,000 a year in


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