Are you finished before you start

Are you finished before you start?

Understanding the impact your mindset has on sales is critical for success. Gain a better understanding of its importance as well as some tips to improve your sales mindset. Don't be finished before you start.

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A colleague and I were in conversation recently when he shared a very profound statement, "You can be finished before you start."

We were talking about the power of one's mind, more specifically about ones sales mindset. Eugene was relaying an exchange he had many years ago when he was a pharmaceutical sales rep. He was comparing notes with another rep that was having difficulty getting in to see physicians to promote their company's product. He wanted to know why Eugene was having so much success, and he was not.

Turns out, this other sales rep found it extremely difficult to turn the doorknob to enter the doctor's office. He had such high self-doubt, Eugene explained, that he had lost the sale before he even initiated the call. This is when Eugene summed things up by commenting, "You are finished before you start!"

This simple statement may apply to those suffering with weak sales results. Appreciate sales is not for everyone. Being in the sales profession requires intelligenc


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