Are there careers in fundraising

Are There Careers In Fundraising?

Weve heard people say they want to be in the medical field, military, academe, business, entertainment, and other more popular career fields. Interestingly, hardly can we hear someone wanting to pursue a career in fundraising. The word fundraising in the first place automatically draws a picture of someone asking for money with great and systematic effort. Some even equate fundraising to a perennial state of financial drought. But how many of us know that isnt the actual case and that careers in fundraising are in fact promising?

A number of fundraising volunteers assumed fundraising jobs after long years of experience. They find that doing fundraising event is not just a momentary passion, but a lifetime calling. And like any other job in the world, their fundraising job provides for them a great avenue for career growth and job fulfillment. Besides, careers in fundraising are not all about asking for money. There is a great deal of communication skills, organizational deftness, and analytical and assessment abilities involved.

Possible jobs
The growth in the number of organizations and companies doing fundraising events also spelled growth in the number of possible fundraising jobs. Fundraising today has become even more organized and methodical, thus requiring professional attention and supervision.

This need consequently gave birth to the position fundraising consultant. This job is usually focused on either of these two: to oversee the whole fundraising activity or to assess the effectiveness of the existing fundraising team. The fundraising consultant is responsible to make a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the organization or company and evaluate whether their current fundraising efforts are leading toward the goal. On most occasions, he needs to perform feasibility studies and tests, which can identify the organization or companys potential in conducting a fundraising event.

The fundraising consultant would also have to check all databases and records, which include expenditures, list of supporters, and donations. Additionally, he has to make sure that all persons involved are functioning according to their assigned roles. This is why he also has to work closely with them and provide timely and relevant support. It is as well his responsibility to coach team leaders and heads to make sure that the fundraising plans are executed well.

Fundraising representative is another potential job. This job includes working for a company and offering its products to those other that are hosting a fundraising event. If the fundraising rep gets the project, he works with the company or organization for the duration of the fundraising event. He makes sure that orders are taken, the products delivered, and the money collected. Fundraising rep is paid on a commission basis, so the more project he gets, the more money he earns.

Because he has to deal with a lot of details, the fundraising rep must be good in organization and analysis. He also has to have exceptional communication skills since he would extensively work with a lot of different people. Most times, he as well has to do presentations before an audience. Money is hugely involved in the job, so it is very important for a fundraising rep to be reliable and credible. Fundraising reps work at home, where they have a mini-office with the basic necessities: computer, phone, fax machine, and office supplies.

There are other jobs available in fundraising. Some with even good titles: Charity Campaigners, Corporate Fundraiser, and Director of Fundraising. Now, who says there are no careers in fundraising?


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