Are microwaves safe

Are Microwaves Safe?

One of the essential kitchen devices is the microwave oven. It has been used by many people for decades and has given convenient times and applications especially to individuals who don't have much time in preparing meals or cooking foods. When it comes to disadvantage, people know that it is not best to come or stand near microwaves as they are not safe because of heat.

But only a few are aware that microwaves can not only be safe because of heat but because of how they can turn the food into once done. Several studies conducted for the past years showed that foods heated or cooked in microwaves turn up molecules into a danger while carcinogens are also produced in the process. This study left many wonder whether it is safe to use a microwave or not. As there are stacks and stacks of microwaves in the market, you would think that there is no issue at all in using them.

Unfortunately, you cannot also be certain that it is safe to use particularly because of the studies surfacing lately. Whether those studies are true or not, it is logical to think that some methods of microwave cooking are indeed dangerous. For one, when we think of microwave, we think of quick cooking method, faster than when we cook over fire.

The time used to microwave food is basically so short that it is hard to believe that the supposed bacteria present in foods can be killed in such a shortened time. The foods therefore cannot be considered healthy. Another point to be considered is the method of reheating leftovers.

Many people use plastic wraps or aluminum foil to protect the food from microwave radiation and from spills inside the appliance. Other people use plastic ware with lid to reheat the food. These wares, plastic wraps and foils are known to emit dangerous chemicals especially when exposed in heat, therefore, also exposing the food in the same chemicals and the people to dangers of diseases.

Also, the chemical reactions that are produced inside the microwave when radiation is emitted can form carcinogens, which are chemicals known as one of the causes of human cancer. Logically thinking, it may not indeed be impossible that the fears of danger in using microwave appliances have basis especially when you would think of the methods that were basically been doing by the people.

The dangerous side effects that can be posed into humans consuming foods that are cooked, heated, or prepared via microwaves can be alarming. Having sufficient knowledge on everything about using microwaves is therefore essential before you rely entirely on this kitchen appliance when preparing your meals.

It will never hurt if you can gain more information about those studies concerning the facts about microwaves and the effects of using them. After all, it is the health and welfare of you and your loved ones which are being at stake here. Health is wealth, as the clich goes. Would you trade it for convenience of cooking when you can clearly avoid the risks?

But along this fear, it is good to know that advanced technology is now offering microwave appliances that address such issues. In the market today, you will find high end microwave ovens that are reported safe to use and keep the nutrients of the food while heating. Now, if you want to save your health, it would be much wiser to deal with shopping microwaves a lot more vigilantly.


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