Are hybrid cars right for you the advantages of owning one

Are Hybrid Cars Right for You The Advantages of Owning One

Many people today now think that it is impractical to
own a car. With the rising gasoline prices coupled
with a poorly performing economy, you too would think
twice before purchasing a car. Youd rather get a bike
or just use the public transportation system to get
around the city. However, have you ever considered
that there are cars today that are very fuel
efficient? These cars are called hybrid cars.

So, just what exactly is a hybrid car?

First and foremost, a hybrid car is just like your
ordinary car. However, instead of having only one
motor to propel the car, it will have two motors. One
is a gasoline motor that you will normally find in all
conventional cars, and the other is an electric motor.

By combining these two motors, this particular car
will have better gas mileage. It will also have
batteries installed that power the electric motor. In
the past, these batteries were charged by plugging it
in your conventional home electric ou


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