An overview of racing pigeons

An Overview Of Racing Pigeons

Since time immemorial, birds have been considered great pets and at the same time a source of delight for everyone. They do fly in the air, often have colorful feathers, and truly make the environment more wonderful. The pigeons are not only beautiful but are likewise considered to symbolize peace. Nevertheless, due to their beauty and ability to be trained, more and more sports racing enthusiasts have gotten so hooked into these birds. Thus, there is this sport known as racing pigeons.

A Look into the Family of Pigeons

The pigeons are the birds that are classified under the phylum Chordata and the class Aves. Its family is called Columbidae. They belong to the same family with the doves, which are also deemed to symbolize peace. Majority of the species are found in the eco-zones of Australasia and Indo-Malaya.

Pigeons Characterized

The pigeons are endowed with stout bodies, short necks, fleshy cere, and slender bills. These birds make their nests with debris and sticks that are often perched on top of the trees, on buildings, or on the ground depending on their kind of habitat. But of course, when they are taken as pets, they oftentimes have their nests inside their cages.

Pigeons lay about one or two eggs at a given time. These birds feed on plants, seeds, and fruits. The mother pigeons also generate crop milk. Surprisingly, the fathers also produce crop milk for their young ones. Both parents take care of the nourishment of their young ones.

The Pigeons' Diet

The principal diet constituents of pigeons include the seeds and fruits. Actually, the family is divided into the granivourous species or those that are known as the seed-eating members, and the frugivorous species or those that feed on fruits. But of course, the pet pigeons can be introduced to a much well-rounded nutrition that is composed of pork or beef fat, fruits, seeds, meal worms, and egg shells.

Pigeon Racing as a Sport

Pigeon racing is a popular sport among the bird enthusiasts. The sport itself involves releasing a group of especially trained racing pigeons. They cover either short or long distance racing. After which, they are able to return to their homes.

The race includes covering a measured distance. The basis for the winning pigeon is the time spent by the animal in covering the specified distance along with the rate of travel. These pieces of information are compared with the other racing pigeons. The race then determines the animal that has returned at the maximum speed.

Pigeon racing uses a kind of pigeon breed that is purposefully bred for the said sport. This breed is called the "Racing Homer". Usually, the competing birds are conditioned and trained for the race between 100 up to 1000 km.

Furthermore, one loft racing is the most recent development in pigeon racing. It aims at determining the best birds than the best trainers. So, if you think you can be into racing pigeons, then, better start training your pets now.


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