An introduction to microsoft vista business

An Introduction To microsoft vista Business

Microsoft Vista is on the way! Learn the basic features of Vista and Vista Business from Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933.

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As I'm sure you already know, microsoft vista is on the way! Microsoft projects that all five versions of Vista will be available by mid-2006, and if that holds this will be the longest time period ever between versions of Windows.

Yes, that's right - I said "all five versions". Microsoft says that past versions of their OS, such as Windows XP, were based more on hardware type than how people actually used their PCs. MS says that this will not be the case with Vista, and to that end they're going to offer two separate versions of Vista to businesses and two to home PC users. In this article, well take a quick overview of microsoft vista Business features.

Windows Vista Business is offered as a solution for all companies, regardless of size. In answer to security concerns about past Microsoft products, Vista Business will offer built-in solutions aga


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