An image consultant can help you lose weight

Are you conscious about how you look? If you are and want to do something about it, hire an image consultant who will be able to help you lose a few of those extra pounds instantly.

But wait! Isnt losing a few pounds the job of a physical trainer? That is correct and the long term goal of someone who someone who works in the gym. The image consultant on the other hand can help you create the illusion until such time that this becomes real by offering you some advice.

One suggestion is for you to wear clothes focusing on one color. Studies have shown people who dress with one color help you look leaner, taller and slimmer. It is best to use dark colors specifically black and blue.

But since you cant use this colors everyday, it is best to keep them close in intensity which simply means getting these clothes in different shades. Dont make the mistake of wearing clothes that are made of heavier fabrics as this will only make you look fat. Try finding affordable clothes made of finer material like silk.

If you used to fit into small and medium sized clothes, wake up and realize that there is no point trying to fit into them anymore. You are bigger now so you just have to accept the fact and buy clothes of the next size.

To cover that belly, wear a longer blouse or jacket and put it on untucked as this divert the attention from your waistline.

Should there be a need to wear a formal jacket, choose the single breasted ones. As for the pants, get the iron creased trousers as this will make your body look slimmer.

This just goes to show that what we wear has a significant impact on how we and other others look at ourselves. In fact, its a reality given that humans have different body types.

Some of us are short while others are tall. Some are skinny while others are overweight. We can blame it on genetics and our lifestyle. These wont change overnight but you can do something about it right now and for the long term.

With the help of an image consultant, you will be able to balance both your horizontal and vertical proportions. Just remember that these will only work for the short term so if you want to make it real instead of making people believe that it is, enroll in a gym, hire personal trainer or even undergo surgery.

So where can you find an image consultant? You can look for them in your local paper or online. Most of these people advertise their services so you are to find one in a short period of time. If you dont like who you have talked to, try asking friends who were in a similar situation and find out what did they do. If the name of an image consultant comes up, give them a call and see how things go.

An image consultant can help you lose weight but not in the literal sense since what he does is trick people and even yourself in believing that it is really happening. He is like a magician who goes up on stage performs in front of an audience.


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